On Slacking

Dear J—

I’ve been slacking this week; we have a bunch of different things going on, none of them super-pressing so I’ve been sketching around and scuffling for small things to finish here and there, and the closer we get to the end of the week, the more I realize what I’ve really been doing is slacking off. It’s funny because the week started off with such a rush – so many things! due so soon! – and now instead I’m in a fallow time that leaves me reluctant to do the things I really should and ought to be doing. Reluctant! After so long?

We do have more left this week, honestly. If I just got it done it wouldn’t be so long and we could move on with it, but all the brilliant brain farts I’ve had this week have all been glossed over like so much dross (like they probably should be, for someone who doesn’t pay nearly enough attention to what other people might be saying or thinking. All the thoughts you have that you think are overly worthy aren’t. They really arent.) and I get that it’s frustrating, but at the same time, heck, GOYBS.

Get Over Your Bad Selves. GOYBS. Writing enough that’s been read over and edited by so many people leaves you with a smaller ego and yet you know how it’s going to be going forward, don’t you?



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