Monday Morning

Dear J—

It’s the first day back at work in a week and … well, I guess I’m not at work yet, so I can’t say for sure what kind of day it’s going to be but I know it will be busy. We’ve all got our axes to grind but it seems like everything has come due this week, though honestly it’s just a matter of making sense of the world and sorting things out appropriately. Otherwise you’re stuck thinking about all the things you should have done rather than the things you can do and should do, in fact. 

Drive on, driver, there’s nothing more to see here. It was nice to get out and about for a while but it was nicer to come home to familiar routines yesterday, although I did mix it up a little and took the boy for a walk rather than more screen time absorption. That was perhaps important to consider and perform. We have enough crazy times in our schedules that a bit of downtime is appreciated. it’s easy enough to walk up to the shoreline and a nice time is had by all though not always appreciated.

Faced with a bit of elecrical gremlins and I’m not sure where to start there. What else is going on at home? One more switch to fix; one more bulb to change, always one more thing to get and maybe I can talk about putting a bike together smartly, right?



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