So Far This Week

Dear J—

I can honestly say I’m no longer a liar: the joke I’d made a couple of days ago, about how there are two kinds of people who ride with the cleated shoes? Yesterday, stopped at an intersection, instead of pausing before taking off again, like I thought I could, instead I gracefully fell onto my side. I will say that it’s nice that your feet do pop back out of the pedals once you’ve fallen over, so there’s that. 

At the moment I’m contemplating what it would take to assemble a bike, bit by bit, as we move forward in our lives; there’s frames and thoughts on eBay and you might suppose that it’s all easy breezy from there but no. it would be an indulgence to beggar even the most patient of wives so no. And yet I keep thinking that if only … and then … so no. It’s not that my current bike is bad or not suited but I just like to look at what’s out there and … but no. This is all driven, by the way, by the fact that i bought a rear Nexus-7 wheel, used, for cheaper than I could buy the hub alone. It’s laced into a 26″ rim so then I started looking at various moutnain bike frames, thinking that maybe I could put something together, something with horizontal dropouts and …

This is all dangerous thinking and it’s how I’ve ended up spending money chasing half-formed thoughts that wouldn’t quite die the deaths they deserved, flights of fancy meant not for actual implementation but only really to be brought low and straight after a few more stops on my train of thought.


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