Better Batter

Dear J—

Every Sunday I make pancakes from a mix, and follow the “ultimate” recipe on the back, which adds several fresh ingredients that don’t sit well in a box, like eggs and milk and vanilla. I’m not sure if it’s better than the conventional mix they advocate, or if it’s even better than the old stuff which was just-add-water but assuming I’ve done a decent job mixing the dry ingredients together, it turns out all right. I’m not brave enough to try much in the way of variation, but sliced bananas and blueberries (separately, not together) have been good items to add once the batter’s on the pan or grill.

You do the same thing when you’re working towards being done at work; once this week is over I’m sure I won’t recognize what to do with myself. There are recipes to follow and templates to fill out and I still find myself going off-topic and off-path if the writeup requires it. Suggestions are suggestions and if you can find something better than by all means, please do so. There’s no joy or glory in it, just trying to make it something that someone would want to read and understand, right? 

You get along with it, don’t you? Keep rolling forward, as it’s the right and only thing to do; the subtle differences in between reports are because we are not machines and we report what looks interesting, right? Do your best and roll forward.



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