Dear J—

There are of course a million other things that need to happen here soon and I’ll put them together just as soon as possible but for now I’ve got enough on my plate. There’s a reference letter, a receipt to turn in, the two reports and then maybe if there’s enough time, the job in Florida that’s been consuming all my time lately. How did it become this crazy?

So, first things first; let’s make sure that we can get the errand type things done because they won’t take long. After that, I think the legal job that I’ve been doing very much in slow motion over the past couple of days. Later we can discuss the effect of things but for now we’ll just have to live with what we’ve got. Finally this afternoon hopefully I can get enough time to put together the analysis and report, assuming that we’ve got enough smarts to know how to do wo.

Does that sound like a good plan? I hope it does enough. Otherwise we’ve got trouble brewing.



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