Dear J—

Are these shoes too small? Are they too girly? What makes shoes girly anyway? Shoes are as cool or lame as you decide and although these particular shoes are too small (you can feel it pinching everywhere in the front part of the foot) I can’t say that they’re not worth it, especially since I’m riding with cleated pedals.

The joke is that there’s two kinds of people who ride with cleats: those who have fallen over because they’ve forgotten to twist (or what-have-you) out at stoplights and liars.

I’m not yet so unconscious of who and what and how but I do know that there’s a considerable amount of pressure and binding; maybe if I just … shorten this up. tie that down. Adjust this some more. Funny thing is how much time I’ve spent getting these shoes, and pedals, and cranks, and it still doesn’t feel quite the same as before. Perhaps what I should have done is kept the old cranks and just fitted new chainrings; wouldn’t htat have been easier? And yet no, the allure of new pedals could not be denied so easily. And very tight shoes. With fuschia accents. 

We’re fine. We’ll get through the day and onwards into tomorrow and beyond too; I just wonder how this wasn’t this tight when I was wearing the shoes yesterday, right?



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