Warning Way

Dear J—

Well, things could have gone smoother yesterday but I got enough done and I’m okay with that. 

We rode back towards San Mateo yesterday from Hayward Park because the train ahead of us, NB159, had hit a car at the Broadway crossing in Burlingame, and then, according to Twitter, the car fled. I wonder how they might have done that: did a bumper get clipped, were they perhaps too far into the intersection, what is happening? It’s strange to me how you could stop a little too short or perhaps too late and then … just … nothing. No news. It’s sort of how my day went, how we had stuff to do and I chose to ignore it in favor of other things that were not as pressing but still need to be done and … well, you know what? Also needed to be done. That’s enough and I think I’m okay, considering how much other stuff lies on my plate lately.

We have enough as we go forward, and we’ll have enough at the close of this day, and enough after that too.


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