Dear J—

When you were young and computer typefaces were bitmapped, the Macintosh came with a serif typeface called New York which was meant to be a close analog for Times New Roman. All the fonts were some sort of city, with Chicago, Geneva (Helvetica), Venice, Monaco (which I still find more readable than Courier) and others now lost to the sands of time, I suppose. The big innovation was the outline fonts that screens weren’t good enough to reproduce but which printed much nicer back in the System 7 days. After a while, you forgot what bitmaps were and whether or not you were even supposed to be paying attention to them.

I have problems on the weekend finding enough ways to occupy our time. Whe we first moved over we had routines carried over from San Diego: you’d get the kids in a stroller and push them down along the bridge to downtown and explore: here is Central Park, here are restaurants and shops and libraries, here is your new city, arrayed and ready for you to discover. Now if there’s any prevailing emotion it must be one of insistent certainty: I know, I know. I know I’m not going to enjoy this, and indeed, you won’t if that’s the attitude you’re taking. 

We end up disconnected and individually situated, no particular place to be and no particular agenda, just a few hours to kill between meals when we might bestir ourselves enough to be active. I suppose you can’t change the world overnight but that’s not what we’re asking, is it? There’s a long ton of activities we could do together and we just need the will to do so. Otherwise we risk being left behind as something new comes up and is adopted; are we the bitmaps or are we willing to be more?



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