Dear J—

Well, it took the better part of a week but I’m finally doing some work now. Sort of. In the late afternoon. You let these things pile up and boy it’s like you’ve done nothing for the past week, or so it seems. Just like that. Meanwhile any ambition I might have had regarding getting it all done this week gets squeezed as we try to find the end of the week.

We can only keep mimicking work for so long, after all. The nails on my hands tell the tale; if I was serious about getting it done I wouldn’t have such long nails, which only get in the way as I type. On the other hand if I was really going after the lazy then I suppose all bets are off and we could only hope to be as vector-enabled and lightning-direct as we claim to be. There’s a fair amount of otherworldly work to be done, and sometimes the threat of that is enough to send me into a spiral of despair.



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