All Opposed

Dear J—

We’re not in opposition on this one; there was a lady who got on the train at Menlo Park yesterday morning; she subjected the bicyclists in her way (you know, waiting to get off the bike car) as she was boarding and plopped down next to me, filling all spaces and interstices with her luggage (a roller bag, a duffel, her purse and one of those folding metal racks/handcarts you never see now with the advent of the built-in rollers. She wanted to know if you could walk to El Camino from the San Antonio stop as we were pulling up to it and I would have checked on my phone to show her but instead just nodded and helped her on her way.

This is what you have time for some days. Do you do an adequate job of driving on from there? How long did she walk, and did she curse my face every step of the way? Based on the nonspecific anecdotal evidence of last night, it may not have been an immediate curse, or the distance was relatively sustainable although it’s not immediately clear how long it took. She said she had waited for the bus, which never came, so I’m thinking ECR, which has an hourly frequency at that time? This time? Are you guessing and pretending again? AGAIN? 



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