Dear J—

I got to say the phrase “frame relay” and hear the secret handshake word “hicap” in response yesterday, talking with another train rider and learning that he works for AT&T. To be honest I don’t remember too much about the telecom work that I did. Yes, the terms are familiar and I could probably write a few MUX messages given a bit of practice, but some of the hard-wired knowledge like DOW and WBDXC x NBDXC sounds like so much gibberish now.

In twenty years, will I be doing the same things and how much experience do you need to call yourself competent at it? When you fall asleep at night do you dream of what’s coming next? I haven’t thought of ways to remember dreams well enough but I know that lately I end up collapsing into bed more often than not, and sleeping blackly until the alarrm prods me forward, thinking that my time is mine and not to be sacrificed on the altar of some great indifferent fate.

I have to reevaluate what is truly mine, after all. If I can spend so much time thinking about and living with, then I can certainly spend more time together and disconnected.



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