Dear J—

On Mondays I tend to feel a little (lot) bloated from all the extra food that’s been floating around over the weekend; they’re only so big and eat so much and it seems like we end up at restaurants that serve gigantic portions (or perhaps that’s more true of restaurants in general nowadays, and we should all be eating a little (lot) less, good deals and portions be damned. The work on building new retaining walls between Burlingame and San Mateo continues apace, and it looks like they’re going to take the old walls and bury them.

We have a million things we could have done this weekend and a million remained undone. I need to get a new chain and clean off the rear cassette from the aluminum oxide that I suspect is present, which has quite efficiently ground away the front chainwheel teeth. There’s light controls I could have installed, and what seems like a million other potential concerns and items I should have addressed this weekend, instead choosing to scratch my latest crop of bug bites and watch the kids watch more TV.



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