Dear J—

The longer we go on the longer we don’t pay attention to all the things we should be listening to and taking action on. Case in point, the various ways the kids tell you that your time is up and let’s be moving on, which is okay but still aggravating, no matter what else you might have to say about it. I keep thinking that maybe our parents had different ways to dealing with it or just ignoring it, or perhaps we had better coping mechanisms and we could get on with it, amuse ourselves but that’s discounting what the kids are capable of and simultaneously conflating the old when-I-was-your-age trope.

Tale as old as time; we could have spent a few hours watching movies in air conditioning but chose to spend it watching TV at home instead. No big, right? Retrace your steps to find out what it is you lost, if you even think that you might not have lost anything but you’ll find it: there’s a lot missing when you get right down to it, isn’t there? Conversatinons, activities together, what you choose to do versus what you’ve chosen to become.



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