Time Wise

Dear J—

In terms of time spent this commute isn’t the most efficient thing in the world: about an hour each way with the bike ride tacked on to the ends, forty minutes of sitting and twenty only moderately more active. The reflective period in between helps, but I have to remind myself that what you ight think of as your time isn’t. You could whine and hope to get better results but no. Just … no. The few times you spend hoping to are mainly spent shopping for things I don’t need (living in that small palatial apartment teaches you what you actually need and wha’ts just gravy).

We used to walk more, and adventure more, and in general enjoy what we had more. Now it’s a steady stream of devices and screens, making me think and rethink that what we may actually need is a de-deviced detox. How do you spend your itme when you have the time to spare? Is it spent with a snarl and a unhappy scowl?



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