Dear J—

I remember seeing it and thinking I should but then I didn’t and now it’s lost, like many others. I’m okay with that. Otherwise I’d go mad with the idea of lost opportunities and clear-eyed hindsight, but at the same time I wish that I’d jumped on it when I had the chance, though I suppose that in the end it does save me a bit of money, so no harm done, in the end. It’s just … maddening, I guess, to think that you left it too long, just a few hours too long or a few minutes, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

There’s other things you should worry about instead, so let’s not fret and keep moving forward. The opportunity has passed but no doubt it will come again, or perhaps it’ll be even better next time; if the world is occupied with only getting the very best deals then we’re all in deep trouble.



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