Weekend Report

Dear J—

Really, nothing much to report. We should have done a lot of things and ended up doing very few to none of them instead. There were beaches waiting to be explored, or parks to be hiked, and though we had time and opportunity, the kids were sick and instead we stayed home and did … nothing. No. Worse than nothing? I always liked the notion that you could cure a cold by heading out to La Jolla Shores and feeling the ebb and pull of the tide, but instead of that we thought we should just take it easy: no walking, no ddriving, no extended trips beyond the circus.

It’s somewhat disheartening that this is what we’re down with, that this is an acceptable weekend activity that we should spend watching flickering screens outside when it’s this warm and sunny outside, but life is quite different now that we’re adults versus being kids, isn’t it? I say that and don’t believe it, not particularly at least.  It’s Tuesday and I feel like the last couple of days have been held in abeyance, or in stasis while we prepared for the next what’s next instead of exploring on the human scale what we can find and see. We used to go for walks and hikes nearby. What’s different today?



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