Dear J—

Every so often they’ll turn the train car around so that on these Bombardier consists the bike car will have the large bike bay (16 bikes if everyone cooperates) turned around on the north end which means the majority of seats are facing backwards relative to the direction of travel. I’m not saying it’s the worst thing in the world (it is) but I just need to get used to it, I suppose. The other thing that happens is having a bunch of people you never see on the train all at once and then it feels disruptive, like how am I supposed to deal with all of this all right away if you don’t give me a chance to … so yes. 

You fall into routines and comfortable ruts without even thinking about it some times; what used to be fresh and exciting becomes stale and before you know it you’re sitting there thinking of the next new thing that you’re convinced will make it alllllllll better now. It’s still a long way out for most of us. I put my phone on the charger this morning and promptly forgot it when I left the house, forcing me to backtrack because it also carries my monthly train pass: no ticket, no ride. So that’s differe, I guess.

You choose your reaction so let’s make it worth it, right? Maybe this front shifter can be fixed so it’s not constantly thwarting me and shifting off the big chainring? Maybe the stretch of the cable or there’s a kink somewhere along the way, and maybe maybe mabye we can find a better path out of there? There’s a lot of otherwise mundane tasks I know I need to finish, and it’s clear that I’ve got plenty to do between now and anywhere.



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