Working Off

Dear J—

At the moment I’m working with a phone that doesn’t quite have all the features: there’s a line of dead pixels running vertically across the screen (unfortunately taking out the touch sensitivity along  it) and the accelerometer is not functioning, either, meaning that you can’t rotate the screen around to the landscape keyboard to avoid it. It’s funny how far we’ve come and yet how long ago these things are, too: when I first started writing on the road I was using a Treo 650 (built-in keyboard and all) to labriously type things in, which got better with the use of a Stowaway bluetooth keyboard but then you were stuck having to synchornize with the computer every night (on the other hand, I could also get away with charging twice a week). 

Now it’s like living with capital letters and bangs! Everything is fast and efficient; you don’t have to worry about taking photographs and pasting them in because you can do it all on one box that’s always with you anyway. It’s a boon to those who’d otherwise be too lazy for words and pictures though I admit I’m not the most prolific photographer either. How long have I been at this? Eight years or so? I have a hard time keeping track of what’s happened and how but I realize the changes when I sit back and dredge up the past.



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