I Have You Have

Dear J—

I’ve noticed that my discretionary spending lately hasn’t been too discriminatory; I priced out what a FZJ80 would cost and found one less than thirty miles away, looks like reasonable condition and mileage (157K) for approximately $7000 which sounded quite reasonable until I realized that yes, but no; we need a third car like I need a hole in my head (not counting the holes I use to breathe, eat and hear). It’s easy to convince yourself that what you need is something like a FZJ80 when what you actually need is less; you may think that you need to transport eight people but the vast majority of the time it’s just going to be you and the kids.

Still. Seating for eight, and those fold-aside seats in a third row, along with more off-road capability than I’ve ever used in the last fifteen years of driving the Subaru, that makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s like how I drive a mountain bike when what I really need is something far simpler. I’ve been treating it mainly as a three-speed bike, shifting solely on the front chainring, but lately it’s started to spontaneously jump the middle ring with the slightest pressure. Looking at the chainring, it’s clear that the teeth are worn down to the point of near-invisibility, so we’re stuck with it until I replace them, and my bike is now down to one gearset. That’s your discriminatory spending right there.



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