Dear J—

We reel between consciousness and sleep and the places we end up aren’t always pretty. This early first part of the ride I get to travel over territory I’ve already covered on the bike, while I wait for the next batch of people coming on and getting ready to go to work, hips bumping and walking through headlights on their way back or to or from or forward. There’s a thousand different ways to be eager and able, and we keep on long past the normal expiration date as well.

I’m rereading books, er, novels that I’ve read before in an effort to avoid having to find new things to read: the more familiar I am with the thing I’ve trod over, the faster I can read it and the sooner I get ready to go to work, though I quite honestly prefer to be asleep this Friday and ready and willing and able to be at work. I should take more tme off and volunteer at school, or at some school, or indeed with any thing else other than just the sad unreformed deals that I deal with.



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