Long Way

Dear J—

I suppose if nothing else the whole benefit of trips is to come back and appreciate what you have, not to take these things for granted and so yes. There’s so much time in the evenings that I spend disconnected at home that I don’t know what to do with myself on the road: after dinner and before bed, though that usually just becomes extra-work time, as these things go. We have a thousand different other things to do as soon as there’s enough time, so why not? Good morning and good days ahead, let’s keep it that way, right? 

I think I’m going to spend part of the morning mourning the distance and time spent getting between here and there. We have had enough opportunity and ample allowance for distance and time and shielding but in the end it’s just a matter of waiting it out; we have an hour here, an hour there and suddenly you’re a thousand, two thousand miles away. What happened? Where do we go with this next? I need some time here, boys.



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