Routine Rut

Dear J—

I drove to work yesterday (second time in two years) and when I got back there was a Honda Accord parked in front of the house occupying what I’ve increasingly come to think of as my spot after eighteen months of near-continuous occupation. It’s been there overnight and despite all the evil eyes I’ve cast upon it, does not appear to be inclined to move. I wonder whose car it is, but I’ve said a thousand times to other people there’s no reserved street parking, so I’m not sure where I’m going with that, honestly. Just to vent. I … I’m just … well, I guess the root is that I feel entitled to that spot, even when tthere’s no good reason to be, so just like whoever keyed my car in North Park, right?

We get into these routines and I can see us trending towards a sedentary life just recently, between going out to eat and finishing off the kids’ portions I need to start doing something, whether it’s going for an evening walk (now that it’s summer! and the days are long! we should spend some more time outdoors! shouldn’t we?) or something else. At the same time there’s much work to be done and I can’t force myself to disrupt the routine, the routine where we’re ready to take care of ourselves in favor of work, which is threatening in its own way to set us up for some pretty spectacular failure very quite soon. We’re supposed to give training and I’ve been taking it less seriously than I should, have not been reading it thoroughly enough. There’s a lot more to be done instead, perhaps, but also more challenges to overcome too.



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