Dear J—

There’s what feels like a thousand degrees outside, between the haze from fires up north (and I do remember those appaling days of smoke and haze from fire seasons in San Diego) and the unseasonable (?) heat of the past few days, reaching into the 90s around here. I’m not used to the heat, or the lingering heat, to be exact, as we usually see some beautiful relief once the sun goes down and the usual bay breeze comes in to cool us off. On the other hand, let’s be clear here – the prevailing direction is always winds out of the west, so what we’re seeing is an ocean breeze.

The heat and ennui are tough; we find things to do but they’re shelved in favor of some quality tube time and disconnecting into our separate worlds, which can’t be good for us, but you get tired of fighting the don’t-wannas after some time, right? You pull and drag the kids along to different things and sure, it’s good to have activities but it’s also exhausting and not always rewarding, not that that’s the only consideration we should have. Of course it’s hard work. Why shouldn’t it be? If you wanted something easy then why bother at all?


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