Working Time

Dear J—

The nuclear department at work – that’s three people, including me – took out a potential client to dinner on Wednesday night, meaning that I took the second-to-last train of the night northbound back home that night. I hadn’t thought it was that late but when I walked up to the station, the arms were coming down and I didn’t have a chance to cross the tracks until the train had stopped. It worked out but I wasn’t home until 11 that night, and without my bike to boot; there wasn’t enough time to retrieve it from the office (or if there was, I’d have had to wait another hour for my chance at the next train). So yes, it’s a disruptive schedule.

I’m missing the first day back at school for figgy on a work trip next week (Utah) and apparently a back-to-school night two weeks later for another trip (Mississippi) so there’s that, and it sucks; even the barest participation at school can’t be handled without me taking a vacation day perhaps. There’s some stupid administrative paperwork I should take care of before heading out, too. I … it’s work, but sometimes it’s not enough to say that.


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