Inner Outer

Dear J—

I had a meeting in the city yesterday so i rode the train up from San Mateo, walked up to Union Square, then over to Chinatown for breakfast (char siu bow and an egg tart, both freshly heated) and back in time for the meeting and seeing folks from last time; there’s a ton of information I need to educate myself on in terms of welding technology and I know just the folks to do so when I have a chance, when they’re in the office. Life goes on, as always, as ever. Afterwards, I rode the train back down and intended to get out at Burlingame and walk over to the daycare, but the train didn’t stop at the right station last night, so there you have it.

My legs are still sore this morning from the long walks, though I suppose I should have either known better or at least trolled better. People in the city do walk faster, at least in the small sample size I took, and the added urgency of discovering the various neighborhoods added to that, i suppose. I don’t think that I’ve walked through the Stockton Street tunnel before, though it neatly delineated a border between Chinatown and the rest of the city. One side, one thing, the other side completely different (the Green Door ecstasy massage, something that you never quite get away from in San Francisco is the grit and I can’t imagine wearing sandals in some areas, even when I wear sandals everywhere.

Back on the train; you sit in an empty seat either in the window position or the aisle position. If you’re traveling with someone else, you share seating and there’s often enough available to be seated where you want to be. If you’re alone, then either you pick the inner (aisle) or outer (window) seat, though if you pick inner that usually means no one can sit next to you unless they’re willing to climb over your legs. I get why you might want to but it seems friendlier to me to pick outer and leave the inner for the next paying guest, doesn’t it? There are no wrong choices here, I suppose, though. Welcome aboard.



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