Fear of the Wheel

Dear J—

In a nice long unbroken streak, I haven’t had to drive on my business trips for … well, probably since going to Charlotte almost a year and a half ago. After that was Nashville (rode the bus), Chicago (El), Colorado Springs (rode with a coworker) and DC (metro). I guess that’s not many trips, so not many opportunities either, but it’s how I like to think big amongst other things: just like how spending money on music makes me think I’m a patron of the arts, some lord in his domain dispensing money to favored artists, so too does public transportation feel to me, like someone who’s important enough to be driven.

I understand the American way is to revel in the freedom and joy that comes from having your own car but lately it’s felt like some kind of burden, which isn’t helped measurably by the police stop and the fender bender and all the other stupid things I might have done while under the influence of little sleep and long nights. You realize there are better things to do with your time and money? On the other hand this sort of stuff can be indispensable when you need to get somewhere specific and quickly. So we’re stuck with it.



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