Drive Way

Dear J—

One thing I know? I definitely need more sleep to counteract the bad decisions and faulty thoughts in my head; of all the things we could be doing the last one is getting less sleep and running around in a crazy manner, wasting time and effort in a futile attempt to be productive, because guess what? I haven’t been, not for a week or perhaps longer than that and I can’t say why or when it started, only that it is and I’m not terribly regretful, only tired, which of course traces back to being sullen and crabby and sleepy because I don’t get enough sleep because because.

So yes, be a man, er, an adult and stop there. If I’m so outrageously mad because the kids will say they can’t because they see me not sleeping or staying up late then who am I to be a grand agent of change in my own life? There’s plenty of reasons why and lots of time to sort it out anyhow. Keep on rolling.


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