Dandy Dove

Dear J—

The rule of thumb is that Mondays are always light days for bike commutes; at least so far this week that’s proven true, what with the number of people taking up what I unrighteously consider my seats. (hey, the conductor just announced the next stop is Hayward Paaahk, which is an accent I’d buried years ago in my mind; never mind what other issues I might have had at twenty-two, I should have enjoyed Boston more) If you find the way out of here, perhaps there’s another way to deal with the commuting crunch but every year there’s more bikes and that’s something you’ll have to live with, I suppose, unless you start walking instead.

Let’s not complain about it. There’s a lot to do this week (there’s a lot to do every week) and we’re already 20% done with it: see how those fractions add up? I’ve vacillated back towards editing bridge articles knowing there’s more knowledge to impart but not nearly enough time to do so, between work (ah, real work, right? at least I can justify in my head the difference between work-to-train-yourself and work-to-help) and home, I spend too much time, too much free time that is, trying to fix and plug gaps. We need some of that? Well, let’s make it so. I’m going backwards here. I hate that.

You can always wrap up your bike the way i see folks do it, with three turns around the top tube and sure that’s okay but … but. What if someone needs to move? What if you’re late and forget to get up until the last minute? Or what if you’re just that kind of person who does wait until the last minute? These are simple things that don’t necessarily make much difference in your day but the deeper meaning that I end up assigning to them always makes me feel better about what and why I do the things I do, which is not the point, I know. It’s like some sort of preening pride in “well at least I don’t ___.” Whatever. You know.


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