Dear J—

More sleep has meant more rational decisions. On the other hand I think that I do want to take the kids into the City at some point and walk around, which can charitably be described as crazy. Maybe if we get some Giants tickets? This year? Next year? There’s no rush, I guess, since we have so many more years to go but I think about it this way: figgy’s eight this year (eight!) and that means there’s ten more years at home before college and I suspect that will ruin us financially as we gain on years. There’s a lot of things we don’t necessarily need but more time is definitely not one of them.

We spend a great deal of time killing it: we’re waiting for something to happen, for the ride to be over, commuting to work or driving around. There’s very little that we know is absolutely true and the choices we make with our time are always questionable because we figure we have more of it. But what if … we assume, we don’t know for sure. More time? We always hope there’s more so maybe if we put off what we want in favor of something else, maybe something that you want specifically …

I tend to be selfish with my time and maybe that’s a reaction but still, I’m stuck with that as a matter of choice, perhaps, or maybe just out of laziness and default; what kind and how much time do you carve out for yourself, and why?


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