Moon Shot

Dear J—

Today’s the anniversary of the landing on the moon, though the exact hour escapes me; the moon is far enough away that there is some slight delay in radio signals, though not on the interplanetary scale, and it may even be a mythical thing to consider terrestrial time in space. We spend our lives mainly in a single frame of reference and even jet travel is enough to make us lose our sense of time; what chance do we have against the changes in gravity and sunrises, or even to know that a sunrise is nothing more than the earth spinning the sun into view? How does the light change how we think of the passage of time? Or should it?

I think about time as images are posted on flickr; it tells me how long ago these folks I follow updated their photos and I in turn mentally decode what that means. I usually don’t have time to tackle the photos until late in the day, so what goes up goes up around 10 or 11 PM, local time no matter where I am, and I make the same assumption for other people and other actions as we plunge forward and recklessly share what we’ve got. For me, the interest level in sharing what your kids are up to is understandably low and the photos resulting are quite low-profile as well. I like the idea of sharing without expectation (the effort involved in making these photographs is honestly not substantial) and moving forward.

You could, I suppose, be very hawkish on the photographs and aggressively watermark and pursue the difficult legend of … okay, overblown and florid prose, I know. We have a lot of joy available for other activities; we shouldn’t be stuck worrying about too much else. The heat makes poor companions of us all, though.



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