Wonder World

Dear J—

I realize I’m pretty (totally) sedentary once I get home; if there was some way to not even have to sit up and I could just lie down to eat I suspect I’d go with that. Because, you know, that makes a ton of sense. There’s some things I need to do like figure out our taxes and the unending struggle with estimated income (now trending down, but I do have some time to work that out as well). Shall I remind myself of the obvious truths here? These are good problems to have, and I’m happy to support these programs, though it seems like the greater share of tax revenue is spent not on social programs but … okay, reality check.

On the way in to the train station I passed by two broken sprinkler heads; you could tell because they were jetting water well up in the air like some sort of misguided fountain feature before splattering on the sidewalk in the unmistakable dissonance of liquid on concrete. You think about it in dispassionate terms – hey, we’re in a super drought! where’s your concern?! – but in reality the use of water by private property owners is fairly minimal compared to agriculture and though we may change our habits and conserve where we can (showers are now the rinse-lather-rinse cycle, with the water shut off between rinses) the actions of all the households aren’t going to change things much.

On the other hand, some change is possible, and necessary, and therefore we are. We can. It’s not particularly onerous to take these measures and if they help, well, who are you to question why, then, right? For every household able to earn enough to pay taxes, what are we doing to help out when and where we can? Let’s be smart about it. One mouse may not be able to move the world but a million mice, moving in concert? If for one instance we think that what we do is only a small part and no one would notice if we dropped our effort, well, where do we end up when their friends and their friends do the same?



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