Dry Eyes

Dear J—

I just came back (figuratively; it has been about five hours since I touched down at SFO) from a trip to Washington DC; the work itself was interesting and I didn’t fall asleep too much in the meeting. It was a lively group and I only regret not being able to see one of the guys I knew from SONGS (several others were there and I took pictures as much as I could). Because of my procrastination in getting tickets and rooms, I ended up flying SFO–IAD (Dulles) first, then return through BWI-LAX-SFO with a sufficiently long layover to account for slop in the United schedule (seriously … if your layover with United is less than an hour I can’t help but think you’re going to miss that connecting flight). I got to the Baltimore airport early yesterday hoping the earlier flight I’d spotted, BWI-NWK-SFO was still available but by the time I cleared security, they’d already canceled the BWI-NWK leg.

I’d like to try to give United the benefit of the doubt, but no. I think that’s it. Which is what I thought the last time I was done flying them and yet, like the cheap fares suggest, I’m obligated to try them. Let’s say … if there’s something within ten percent, I think that’s reasonable.

Tuesday, our first full day of meeting, turned out to be lessthan that; we got out early and I ended up walking out to the elevator with a French guy; at first I was just going to walk him over to his hotel, but then it turned out he was interested in going to the National Air & Space Museum too so we spent a couple of hours. For as many years as I’ve wanted to go (at least thirty and possibly more; I can’t remember when the rocket bug bit me) the space itself was … small? It’s absolutely dense with history and packed but I don’t know that the packing does it justice at times; it feels like if you can see so much in so little time, … I dunno. I know there’s an enormous amount of things and historical artifacts: the actual Wright flyer! the actual Spirit of St. Louis! Glamorous Glennis! Apollo capsules! It’s overwhelming after having only read about these things when I was little, to see them in real life?



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