Outside In

Dear J—

Where do we go from here? There’s a lot to be said for home, but the train is carrying me south, as I intended, and we’ll soon be ready to see how they’re transforming that row of little automotive shops along 1st into a massive office space; I’ve already seen how they’ve removed the TellApart sign and made that building at the Burlingame station into PLAYSTUDIOS. Even here, with a larger sense of history, we have slow change creeping through and I wonder how much notice the tenants were given before being moved out and moved along in the world, ready to take on the weight of a thousand shattered dreams, one more to add to that pile or whether it was with a light heart and a new start.

I hope and pray for the best, for you and all of us. The work we do is not a zero-sum game; we do not believe that there can only be one winner, one loser. If we can both benefit from it, then why not? Let’s proceed and knock this day together.



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