Dear J—

Every time I swear to myself I’m never flying United again there’s some kind of reason to (usually because they’re the cheapest fare and I can’t justify getting a ticket any farther in advance). The airlines I prefer – which at this point are literally anyone else who goes to the same place, nonstop preferably – are all unjustifiably more expensive, at least as calculated through the websites and travel agencies and I dunno, I suppose I’ll just have to live with it. Traveling for business is no particular chore, nor is it a my most favorite thing in the world, so let’s be on with it; so long as I get there and back on time, or nearly on time, I’ll live with it.

I miss the usual crew on this train, though I suppose it’s only right that it should change from week to week, month to month; even day to day, I guess: the Tuesday guy has to drive all the way in to the City from Vacaville and honestly, can the benefits be so good to justify that? We stay afloat any way we can manage; there’s a lot more to it than just pointing and shouting that we have needs and someone come help us, though I suppose that’s how we have treated the kids so far.



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