Weekend Rush

Dear J—

Although I haven’t gotten the bill lyet, this weekend has been pretty fun and busy, though not very relaxing. I capped it off with colliding with someone else as we were both backing out of parking spaces and that wasn’t a fun end to the weekend, but good lord, that’s why I pay for insurance (and I promise to be more careful, just as I’d promised to be more careful before, and the time before that; I think that riding a bike this often has made me think all my vehicles are so small and invisible). Dribble along, this weekend. At one point we had gone out for a meal with other people every time we were out and that just seems … overkill.

Let’s see … lunch Friday, dinner Friday; breakfast Saturday, lunch Saturday; lunch Sunday (such as it was) … it wasn’t until dinner Sunday that we had a chance to regroup and breathe on our own. I remember when my brother’s in town, how busy it is and how we’re trotting around all around the Bay, it seems. At some point this summer we should head out to Santa Cruz with the kids and all these other things forever forward. Drooping spirits restored. Chat up the neighbors and see what you can do to get out of the house when it’s this nice (and hot!) outside, though I wonder about how much we enjoy spending time at home too.

We have so many places to go and see, I suppose; we have choices and are spolit by them too. Choose your weekend wisely.



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