Emergency Context

Dear J—

Remember when cell phones were uncomplicated and you could get by with not worrying about locking them, how you’d put in a ‘ICE’ or ‘home’ contact in case of an emergency to ring your home? Now that we’ve flipped back over to secrecy and encryption I wonder how that works, if there’s some number you can program into your phone when it allows the emergency dialer to go up without pause. On the other hand, everything is crazy, so there’s that. The world doesn’t make sense all the time, and for you to choose what information you share isn’t always the right way to go about things, but it’s how it is in this modern world; privacy is a big issue again and how far are you willing to go to regain it?

I booked my hotel for Washington DC even though I haven’t yet gotten my flight; it’s a bed and breakfast in what looks like a nice place so yes, apparently I’ll be sharing a bathroom and common spaces. It’s strange to do it again after having lived independently (well, as independently as it gets I guess; everything in our little house is shared but I also share DNA with half the occupants, on the other hand) but I’m looking forward to having some time with people rather than just all stupidly on my own in a hotel room way too big (hi, Chicago; it was a nice room but wow, was it overkill for the one night I stayed there). Then again, what’s the alternative? If all you need is a place to flop for a night then there’s really nothing better (or worse) to be had, right?

Is it strange to be seeing old friends and not worrying about the way we treat each other on paper, having to write these things about how much we distrust the analysis but then shaking hands and greeting enthusiastically in real life? Walk on by, I suppose; the context of the emergency means that everything you do will be scrutinized beyond belief, I think. This is what it means to be a professional, I suppose, although as Geoff says, first you have the rugby match, then you go drinking with the other side, and I wonder if I’m going about it the wrong way ’round.


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