Explain Time

Dear J—

So, explanations: I’m on the train this morning because I forgot my laptop at work yesterday which really means I forgot about Calcifer’s “graduation” (seriously, graduation from preschool; I understand the need to recognize but, really, graduation?) today, which I’d thought was perhaps in the evening but nope, at noon instead. What I really need to do is figure out what kind of schedule I have later today so I can actually meet all the meetings I’m committed to attend. I know there’s one at 8 and another one at 1, and there’s another one out there which I fear is right at 11, when the graduation is supposed to be. So you cut out or what?

I also feel like I owe an explanation for why I haven’t written much of anything lately. That is due to scheduling quirks; when I started riding the train I wouldn’t talk to anyone, giving me a good long uninterrupted sequence of about an hour, and I’d be able to wrap things up quickly enough that by San Carlos or Redwood City, I’d finish up that last paragraph and hit send. Now I talk with folks all over and my time to be anti-social is generally over by Hillsdale, which gives me a bare ten minutes to sprint some words down on the page. Plus which it’s not so great with respect to staying coherent or interesting. I occasionally wonder how long I can keep writing but … what can you do, eventually?



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