Dear J—

I’m back from Chicago, with all the pleasant (and not) sensations of displacement featuring prominently in my head. Twelve hours ago, I was two thousand miles away and it still feels weird to lie down on a different pillow for two nights running, but that’s just how it is, I suppose. When I was there I had a spare couple of hours, which I spent walking over to Navy Pier and riding the Ferris wheel there. The gentle rotation wasn’t enough to set off any motion sickness, so … so far, so good. On the way there and on the way back, I saw skunks, or perhaps the same skunk, once sitting outside the house (I detoured and came in through the garage) and once with an upraised tail in silhouette (I detoured and gave a wide berth once I recognized the tail, rising up in shadow).

We have had lots of different things happen recently; change is in the air. We’re moving the kids out of their current separate day cares into a single one next week (partly prompted by the weird actions of at least one of them, throwing major shade on their competitors and asking for months of tuition up front) which will be a major change but something we can get through I think. Try as you might, it’s easy enough to slip into lazy days of slothful actions, like letting the TV be the babysitter, so let’s try more than a bit harder, shall we?



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