Dear J—

One of the things I’m tasked with and don’t necessarily do very well is the marketing aspect of my job, where I’m supposed to be calling people up to groom new business. It’s a small thing but we have to take care of it while we can and not just rely on the summer good times to last forever as I have, ant-and-the-grasshopper and all. It’s easy to forget these things during the summer as we watch the sun come up earlier in the day and stay up late with us; I don’t remember this from last year, necessarily: here we are, with restless kids watching the last bits of the sun and demanding all the one-lasts: one last drink of water, one last restroom break, one last story, one last song.

Are we as much further north compared to San Diego as Cheney is from San Francisco? I like to think the daylight hours were long (and the winter daylight correspondingly short) but I’m never quite sure about it. The endless daylight holds all sorts of post-dinner possibilities, not that we take advantage of them, though.



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