Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Dear J—

I’m reminded of the tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow soliloquy from Macbeth, creeping as it does from day to day with little surcease. You think these things are individually insignificant: oh, it’s okay that we should forget this small thing here or this tiny detail there but you start to make a habit of it and the next thing you know you’ve got an expensive hole in the ground where your analysis seemed reasonable. Yesterday I took our monthly safety training which told me all about the dangers of confined spaces. It wasn’t so much a technical here’s some qualification for confined spaces – you wouldn’t expect to be able to do that in the space of seven minutes or so – but just an awareness training which is probably appropriate.

Because it was safe before, is it still safe? Precedent alone does not ensure any future performance; it may be indicative and somewhat instructive, but anything else is just gravy, mind you. I want to believe; I want to see the right things happening, but unless I make them so and participate I can’t say for sure what will happen. Yeah, I know; I’m not the only one in the world who thinks this, so somehow we all make it along safely enough this way. The world doesn’t come to a crashing halt every time we have a small accident but at the same time it probably should if we hope to learn from these lessons.

There’s a bit of rain outside today, enough to make the streets shiny and a cooling mist on your face. Yesterday was cooler than Monday, when they had to stop one of the afternoon trains for overheating; tomorrow sounds like it might start to warm up again so let’s continue to watch and learn from these changes. What was here twenty years ago has changed even more than before, though the steady day to day may not have shown the dramatic. We take for granted these miraculous changes over time, thinking it’s our due for having passed through today into tomorrow, and all our tomorrows after that.



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