Dear J—

There are a few items of note: let’s get started with … it. Stuff. Things. You know, things. There was a time about four months ago that I was convinced you’d never run out of topics to be edited on wikipedia, and quite honestly that’s still true, but the will to make them change isn’t always there. I could but … why, right? There’s a lot of other considerations in that, but primarily it has to do with too much and where do you start sorts of paralysis; when there’s that much to be done, then you don’t necessarily know the priorities and needs. It’s easier to work on requests one at a time, as things arise, isn’t it? And then you forget about this one … or that one … and then you end up scrambling to cover …

Let’s remember the New Years resolutions we made, specifically the one where I said I would write down what I was working on in a little journal. it’s not that hard and I was – at least I felt – more organized about my life and what I needed to do next. You hear about different things and you’ve got to try out what works best for you; in my case, there’s a good amount of precedent for writing it down. We kept little notebooks handy for assignments starting in junior high school, and the act of writing it down meant it worked out a lot easier and better, too. I need to remember that a lot of times.



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