Driving Forward

Dear J—

Well, yesterday was unexpectedly fruitful, though perhaps not as much as I would have liked. No matter; all I need to do now is write up everything and see if I can get away with it, or how much detail needs to be added in to make it sound authoritative yet not aggravating. There’s some art to be had amongst all this science so let’s sit tight and let it get ready for us. There’s also a significant amount of stuff to be done to pull the remaining items together, so that’s another weight on your mind to rehearse and prepare.

I’m not sure that I can write it up in a meaningfully technical manner, but the approach seems reasonable in my head. Of course yesterday was filled with trying to get stuff right and reasonable in a complete vacuum; if I take a larger look at it then I suspect I’m going to have to get ready for some scrutiny. Hopefully they don’t realize what a fraud I feel like in my head, as there’s quite enough of that going on already.



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