Anther Anser

Dear J—

Well, yesterday was a bit of a disaster, bike-wise, and by “a bit” I mean complete and utter and “a disaster” means “obvious and preventable catastrophic failure of the chain, which could have been predicted by the sheer number of times my chain derails in a single day, which is at least one and usually four”. So, my fault. I shifted into high gear using the front chainring and the chain, as it often does, falls beyond and gets wrapped around the crank, where I then keep pedaling and eventually jam it hard up against a stop. This time, I bent at least one link and induced a good 90-degree twist in the chain path, so today I have a chain tool in my pocket and the will to go get it fixed, or at least to get a replacement.

Oh sure, I think about how perhaps I could perhaps limp along until the actual failure but driveline issues are – at least they should be – easy to fix and why bother to live with that if you don’t have to? It gets down to laziness, again and again; why bother to bestir yourself when … and yes, indeed; why not? Here’s what you need to remember: there is, er, there are a ton of things you need to do between now and then, sure, but if you aren’t even willing to do the simplest, if all you are is angry all the time, then why even bother showing up? Stop acting the baby.

We have steady work available at competitive rates; I try not to think about how long we’ve spent claiming idle is all we can manage when it’s clear there never was a plan to be falling down like this.



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