Scaling Effect

Dear J—

So, on a scale of one to rotten, how was the weekend? How do you feeling? I’m not entirely sure I should trust myself with the small amount of rest I did get this weekend; between late nights and questionable bedtimes (Saturday, er, Sunday morning, I woke up on the sofa, my phone on my chest where I had dropped it while finishing up the last few pages of Idol A and … yeah, I dunno. I may just turn around and head back home before too long; between the coughing and the other drama in my lungs it may be wiser to be at home today, although I’ll be at home on Thursday as well, and … and heavy consequences follow from idle thoughts. Nothing got done last week. Nothing.

Okay, a rest was in order so now what? Now you get down and finish the things you said; these giant pits that were dug are being dug for their foundations and not just for bumpkins like you to fall in. We thought there was a Target at Hillsdale but instead ended up heading up to Tanforan, our first week here, not realizing there was one not far ahead on 92 at Bridgepointe. The geography we know and the areas nearby have expanded and we’re ready to be falling ahead, ready to be steady reviewers of progress, and so it goes. You don’t know what might seem obvious in a few weeks’ time, but you have to make the mistakes to realize it first. According to the schedule we’re done with parties for the nonce, though there may be more forthcoming.

Keep on running. I think I’m going to miss reading new Adachi in a little bit but for now I’m ready to be immersed in Mix, which started up after the “newest” one that I’d remembered and was following – Q and A, a ghostly tale, had ended. There’s plenty left to be done and enjoyed so let’s hold on for now.



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