The Day

Dear J—

It looks like the clouds above are breaking up and at last we’re on our way to warmer weather, although to be honest I think what we’ve got now is nearly perfect: warm in the sun, cool in the shade, breezes playing all over. One day last week when I left the house the air was becalmed and that freaked me out, to be honest; I couldn’t tell whether it was supposed to be that way or why the normally reliable winds had failed. It freaked me out a little, to be honest.

I like seeing the cranes overhead, as they seem to be semi-certain signs of progress, although at what cost I couldn’t tell you; we have well over a million people in these two counties – San Francisco and San Mateo – and they all have to live somewhere, right? Why not here? My parents make very good financial arguments for not wanting to move but I wonder if logic doesn’t trump the desire to help, although it is clear it makes no sense to stay in a two-story house from a physical standpoint. But to trade that in on another detached house is … yes? No? Ultimately, it’s their decision to make and follow-up, though I must be flexible and willing to help either way.

I think back to the discussion we had about the minivan; around ten years ago, when they were car shopping, they asked me if it was a good idea to go after the Kia (Sedona?) minivan and I asked them why; they said it was to accommodate grandkids and toting them around and I told them then that yes, it was their decision, but it didn’t make a ton of sense, as they’d end up carrying around a lot of empty space most of the time instead of having it available for contingent use. I know, I do that a lot in my own life and there’s lots of stuff that I’m probably never going to use, stuff that I should probably flush or at least straighten up, but … I understand why you would want to have that, I understand that just-in-case mentality. I understand what they’re saying. I just need to try harder to convince them, though maybe it’s not my place or time.


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