Drifts of Dust

Dear J—

Well, that’s gone well; it feels like I was done with the week last night but instead the reality had me dragging up this morning and depositing myself on the train like some kind of … I dunno, like some kind of robot or trained monkey who can’t help but fall into the routine every now and again. I suppose that if I brought my computer home every night then I’d never have a problem with not wanting to go into work in the mornings. Maybe it’s time for a break, but what would we do? Where would we go? theVet’s job is (surprisingly? unsurprisingly?) booming and so there’s that slight pressure, to keep momentum there, too. How do you fix it?

We have terrible redundancies in our lives; I remember my mom advising me to get two vacuum cleaners if I ever got a two-story house, rather than having to lug one up and down the stairs. Likewise, if the kitchen is big enough, two tables: one there and another in the dining room; two sofas, two TVs, two game consoles, two DVD players, two two two or more. Because it’s smart to run your life with multiple items of many things in case one goes down you’ll never be without but frankly who has the time to worry about stuff like that, honestly? If you’re planning that far ahead then you should be able to put together a good emergency kit.



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