Dear J—

The worst part of a checklist is making it, because you end up with all these items to cause you anxiety: oh, I have to do that too? Especially if the list grows so long that you can’t seem to see the end of it, or the list has such high-time items like “copy the Bible” that you can never see the end. On the other hand, everything is gravy after that: hey, cool, let’s go. Check that one off too. You can fill your list with a hundred little squirrelly tasks that take no time at all, like “call those people” and “hey, send an email” in response to that and … yeah. Easy. I like it. Although you have to try hard not to add more tasks on as you go through it; that becomes discouraging, discovering prerequisite items as you are working through them.

On a not-so-distant limb, I’m going to say our time here is not unlimited; There are many things you could consider with respect to history and utility but for the most part I’ve been able to write regularly here for uh, ten years? Is that right or am I thinking of 2004 for no good reason? No, perhaps it’s 2006. If it’s long enough ago that the years are starting to blur then you know you’re getting old, which is not the kind of thing you’d ever want to admit.

Admit one.

So in all this time has there been anything of interest or particular note? Perhaps, but as figgy likes to remind me, the more I write, the less I want to write (this is in relation to her weekly traditional Chinese character test, but still … I understand). I wonder if I’m idly reaching towards the Rev. Shields-ideal or perhaps even the million monkeys and typewriters, making sure that what I do is worth it isn’t a significant part of my worrisome day.



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