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Dear J—

When I’m having a particularly unproductive day I can tell by my email inbox at work: it remains unpruned and not very-well responded. If I’m up on it and motivated I can react to each of the items in turn and life is good. Otherwise we’re stuck trying to catch up all day everyday. Today’s going to be one of those days. I gave up on trying to document all the things I need to do in the next few days while simultaneously depressing myself with the length of the list and what’s left.

The lists are important because otherwise I might lose track of what I have to do, but seeing the list grow in time is disheartening as well; there’s only a few things more inevitable than a list like that and they all involve some form of punishment. I want to tell the list (because you know how helpful it is to talk to inanimate objects) that I’ll get to that … and that … and that in good time, and it will be done but please, could we stop piling stuff up for now? Thanks.



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