Rules Schmules

Dear J—

It’s Friday and we have rolled slowly back into town; yesterday was bike-to-work day but I didn’t memorialize it in any special way, neither departing the train early nor riding up the extra distance to Millbrae; maybe I’ll try that next week sometime, but that’s going to involve me getting up earlier and biking further and … lately sleep is in short supply. We have a lot of other things on our minds, too.

The default sort of interoperability I have in my mind is an unhelpful compartmentalization with limited exchanges between projects, but I’m starting to break down those barriers in a haphazard manner, which leads to excitement and misdirection as I try to figure out what’s happening next. There’s plenty of things that are yet to be finished, so mixing up progress and process isn’t helping too much, is it? When you’re done, if you’re ostentatiously done that’s one thing, but who knows best how to trumpet success and minimize failures?



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