Adventure is out There

Dear J—

If it’s slow it’s frustrating, whether you’re talking about Internet connections or phone responsiveness. That little bit of delay does grate on your eyes and the sensation of having to wait just a little bit hasn’t changed since the days your computer’s speed was measured in single digit Megahertz, has it? What else? Loading; the whole reason I ripped a bunch of my discs onto the computer was because I didn’t want to wait through non-skippable trailers and various title screens; I wanted to watch the movie right now and then. You paid money for this and you might as well be watching more advertisements, amirite? That’s what used to drive me nuts about commercials preceding movies, but then …

… then you get used to it. If that’s fortunate or unfortunate, I dunno. You have to seek your own outrages because quite honestly things are pretty good nowadays. When I started blogging was, uh, about eight and a half years ago and the machine I was using was a Pentium III Xeon-based (dual!) Compaq workstation with a buckling spring keyboard and a 16″ CRT; that was the very antithesis of portable and I wondered how I could best move the show on the road. As it turns out the simplest solution at the time – a Palm with a bluetooth keyboard – has turned out to be essentially the same model as today, albeit with a more-connected device and a thinner keyboard.

What I mean when I say that adventure is out there is your decisions definitely affect how and what you enjoy in terms of what you’re moving on towards and how you feel about change. Change is constant even if the accretive effect from day to day is slight; if you think about where you were six months ago and a year before that, then you should be prepared for change no matter the reason. Maybe your adventure is in trying to keep the situation constant, or perhaps it has to do with changing it; whatever your choice, remember there’s always going to be a time for you to look back and laugh.



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